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Most people and their doctors are unaware of a reliable, scientifically proven laboratory test for the early screening of 99 percent of all cancers. The AMAS (Anti-Malignin Antibody in Serum) blood test is available from Oncolab, phone 800-922-8378. It detects cancer in the breast 19 months before any other type of exam including a mammogram. The patented AMAS test is an FDA-approved, standardized and validated assay.

Developed more than 15 years ago by neurochemist Samuel Bogosh, M.D., Ph.D., and his wife, Dr. Eleanore Bogosh, the AMAS test gives a more accurate answer at a fraction of the cost and inconvenience of standard cancer tests, which means that approximately 25 percent of all those who die from cancer could be saved with an earlier diagnosis.

Mammograms have been proven to cause cancer in 75% of those exposed to them. They are also known to give false positives, reading calcium deposits as malignant tumors. These calcium deposits caused by a deficiency of magnesium and essential fatty acids.

Unless a person determines the cause, they will manifest the same condition all over again. Treating symptoms is only part one of a two part healing process. While there may be physical causes that create an internal environment that compromises a person's immunity, a bigger reason for cancer is consciousness.

"Consciousness is the cause and the cure
for everything that ails us."

- Marian Jamison, Exploring Inner Space:
the Next Major Frontier for Mankind

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